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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

When you stand in your Truth as a Divine Soul, you can feel the alignment. Everything begins to fell congruent and there’s such a sense of Divine Balance.

Spirit, the Divine, is well aware of what is required for you to step more into your Soul. Your Soul is forever Present, be there with it.

Know your devotion, know your GOD, Divine Source. Live in Faith, Trust, and Belief. Hope is an Energy all onto itself.

Walk where other man dare walk and shine your Heavenly Light. Let this be what people know you for, your Holy Light; the Light of the Kingdom Within.

Shelter not your Heart anymore. It’s time to Live in Love of GOD, your Self, your Neighbor, your next of Kin, your Sacredness Within.

Dance with the Angels are around you.


GOD Loves You!

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