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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

Be alive, Be alert, Be Present in all situations. You are being called to step up to the plate of your living in Awareness.

There are certain things you should know and should be doing as an alert, Aware Light Worker. You carry knowledge for others, be that Light.

Go forth in your Soul Wisdom, the Divine Intelligence, Soul Guidance from Within awaits you. This is the time in all of Mother Earth’s history we have been waiting for.

It’s almost Earth Day and what a celebration that will be. Mother Earth will Ascend, Mother Earth is Ascending, there is no more waiting, wishing it hoping; it’s happening.

Gather around in your Light Family. Begin to notice how much more Light you are all shining and how many layers you all shed. This is all a true Miracle, right in front of your eyes.


GOD Loves You!

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