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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

Open your Heart more. Feel affection for many through your Sacred Heart. Find the Compassion given to you by the Divine and share it with others.

Let the winds of Heaven open your Sacred Heart. We have been gifted this Grace by Heaven to share with others as Light Workers, WayShowers, Energy Workers.

Keep this world and its happenings clear of your Heart. Let your Heart Shine for others. This chaos here will all be directed back to Source Love.

Remember your Heart Light is being counted on in your part of the Globe. This planet, Mother Earth is being Divinely Guided, as are you, to Shine your Heart Light for others around you.

This little Light of mine has become much bigger since this Spiritual Awakening has become a Global Event. Every Soul’s Heart is being lifted by the Divine, whether they know it or not and whether they feel it or not. It’s happening.


GOD Loves You!

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