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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

Collect your thoughts each new day. Don’t let them get away with your Energy down a different Path than one your Soul is aligned with. Walk humbly on these Sacred Grounds and remember you’re just a tenant here from another realm. Another place holds your arrival into the Universe by the DIVINE. This Mother Earth is a place to travel to, though some of you will be Earthers, many are not. We are being brought here to assist with the Divine Shift. Many of us have been here many lifetimes, you’re Divine Energy is needed here and NOW. We, Mother Earth are shifting our Vibrational Frequency back to our Authentic Self. Your Divinity is trying to come through, let it. This is why you’re letting GO of anything less than LOVE. We need to go back to our LOVE FREQUENCY VIBRATION. IN GOD WE TRUST!

GOD Loves You!

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