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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

As we move more in time and space, Human Nature and many things will change. The Shift is coming, even is many are not prepared.

This will be the first time many will Witness this Shift. For all of Humanity, things always seem to be the same and things never seem to change that much, including Human Nature.

Human nature is about to be something many will not recognize, unless they have Remembrance of the Divinity of long ago.

Health professionals like Psychologists, will not recognize how to move along this Shift. They will not understand what’s happening to Human Nature as we go back to our Divinity.

Human Nature has not Shifted anywhere until NOW. So the regular usual is not going to happen and we are not going back to where we came from either. We are going into Higher Consciousness, where all things are Benevolent.


GOD Loves You!

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