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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

New Moon in Taurus happening today on May 11. We also have Chiron and Mars at 11 degrees, while Uranus is in Taurus at 11 degrees. 11:11:11:11.

Divine Channels of Inspiration.

This New Moon has a lot to celebrate with the Soul, since it’s calling you out to Stand in your Soul’s Power in this New Chapter.

The doors are opening with this New Moon Energy in Taurus for our Soul. Many New Beginnings with really New Energy from this New Moon as well.

So the Moon and Sun will be at 21 degrees in Taurus. This is the 21st Century in 2021. 21 is connected to Truth, joyful feelings, transcendence of beauty.

With this New Moon in Taurus at 21 degrees our Spiritual Angel number 3 is Inner Guidance, Inspiration, Growth and Manifestation. It is also wrapped up with lots of Faith and Joy Energy.

Your Soul will be moving towards independence, standing with the Divine in its own Path of Service for this Lifetime. Your Soul’s Purpose is moving into Alignment, things will be moved away from you to allow this Shift.


GOD Loves You!

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