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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

Be Open to the Love that’s coming from Within and All around. This is Divine Unconditional Love from Divine Source, GOD, Universe itself.

Human Love is so limited, very conditional, very manipulative, filled with flaws. Your Heart as a Human is unable to breathe it’s Truth Divinity.

When you tap into your Divinity, the GOD Presence that is Present for all of Us, there is a Divine Spark of Infinite Presence, Infinite Love, Infinite Compassion, Infinite Blessings. This is your unlimited Source.

Go about your day with GOD, Divine Source in your mind, body and Spirit. Have this Unlimited Infinite Presence about you every moment of your day.

Simply sit down to Pray, even if it’s only for a moment. Connect to your Divine Love Source each day, you’ll be filled with a Grace that will carry you throughout the day.


GOD Loves You!

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