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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

Soul family will have Truth, Integrity, Trust, Love, Compassion, Grace, Courage, Emotion, Peace, Deep Connection, Intuition, Wisdom, Oneness, Wholeness. This is Soul family.

The human linear family dynamic is very incongruent, disconnected, disruptive, egotistical, selfish, in denial, illusionary, brain fog, attacking, unsupportive, deceitful.

This will ALL CHANGE.

We do learn so much from our Linear family though. They did support part of our Journey. They are not disregarded, you will Love them even more now as you Wake Up.

Your Linear family may not always understand you but you understand You and that’s what’s important, especially now as we obtain our Individuality as Souls in Oneness and Wholeness.

Each day is a Grace. Each day is a New Way to show up differently than you have before. As you Awaken and Grow, this becomes a necessary step so that you can embrace Newness all the time.


GOD Loves You!

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