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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

Breathe deep into your Spirit, make sure you feel at home in your own Soul. Your physical body is interchangeable, your Soul is Eternal.

Allow this living Breath of GOD - life force, Present for every Soul, some know about it, some take advantage of it, some live in UnAwareness. Let’s All Be in this Oneness.

Let the Power of Love, Divine Source force fill your world, your life, your family, your Journey. Allow your Self to be this Beautiful, Beloved Blessing made from GOD’S Grace.

Go forth among all people, live everyday with Sunshine in your Heart, in your Smile, in your Soul. Allow the Whispers of Heaven to be your Sunshine.

When others are down pull out your Sunshine and share it. GOD made it for every Soul but sometimes the days become too long and the nights get too short and somewhere someone’s looking for your ray of Sunshine.


GOD Loves You!

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