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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

Open your day with Forgiveness. Feel the everlasting Eternal Light literally comeback into your Soul. Feel the fresh Breath of air fill your lungs with relief.

Letting go of holding someone hostage for forgiveness, leaves you and them released from a human illusionary prison. A crime most consider punishable and it goes through the Heart.

Your Human vessel will develop scar tissue in the physical Heart, where Forgiveness is concerned. The Heart’s vessels will become energetically clogged until the Forgiveness releases.

Your mind and Heart will need to be released from someone whom you feel has done you wrong or harmed you in some personal way. Sometimes the other is not aware of their actions or how that could have harmed you.

Make sure you clear the air with every person somehow you’re choosing not to talk with or be around or them you. You certainly would not want that type of Energy around haunting you. Be the bigger person and drop the Energy by Forgiveness.

Ho'oponopono is an Hawaiian Forgiveness process to make things right. These are forgotten Hawaiian chants to invoke your higher self to cleanse your subconscious mind.

I’m sorry.

Please Forgive me.

I Love you.

Thank you.

These can be said in any order for an Energetic release, which must be Heartfelt.

GOD Loves You!


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