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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

Solar Eclipse “Ring of Fire” today plus a New Moon in Gemini. (4:12AM EST). This will be a fiery Eclipse making emotions run high with chances of an outburst or feelings coming out of no where.

There is much old Energy releasing during this Solar Eclipse New Moon. Your Soul will have this already lined up for release, you will not be picking and choosing what’s leaving.

During this massive Purging of old Energy in this Solar Eclipse New Moon, Divine Light and Love will replace what’s leaving. This is excellent as the Vibration of Beloved Mother Earth continues to rise.

This Solar Eclipse New Moon is occurring while the last Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, first Eclipse of the Season, and Mercury is in Retrograde. The Nervous System will be exposed to a lot of Light Energy with mixed results.

The Energy of these Eclipses with the New Moon will have you doing Self Reflection, making changes that will pan out over the next six months, taking opportunities with new things.

With this New Moon it’s New Beginnings, New Intentions, New things to do and invest in. Look at your Reflections see where your interests lie and how you can serve this Beautiful World. Take notice where you’re walking to the beat of your own drum.

Your North & South Nodes during this New Moon speak about your Higher Purpose. Your Faith will speak to you as you feel your Inner world calling you. Be Compassionate with your Self and you’ll have Compassion for others.

GOD Loves You!


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Light Body is being Purged, more Divine Light filling my Soul … 💛

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