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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

Sit in the seat of your Soul, feel very comfortable there and very much at home there. Be grounded on your Journey, it’s essential to your Soul’s stability while here on Mother Earth.

Be sensible with what you’re eating. Be sensible with your activities. Be sensible with what you’re reading. Be sensible with what you’re watching. Be sensible with who you’re with.

Know that each day you’re deepening the connection with your Soul and the Divine. Each and every day you’re Awakening to more of you and more of the Divine.

When and if you travel, be sure to allow the knolls and nodes designed in your human form to open. This is where the downloads of many lifetimes and Ancient Wisdom come in.

Be alive in your Soul each day. Even if for one moment you think you’ve done nothing important today, you most certainly have; you’re here and your Love, Light and Vibration matter.

GOD Loves You!


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Susan G. Chamberlain,PhD.
Susan G. Chamberlain,PhD.
12 de jun. de 2021

Sit in the Seat of your Soul💜

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