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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

We have to remember our Soul is way bigger than we know. We have to remember that our Soul is in other Galaxies at the same time we are here on Beloved Mother Earth.

Our Soul is a communication Center and a Commanding Center. We are always Communicating with the Divine on one level or another.

Many Souls are UnAware they’re communicating telepathically all the time. Especially if you’re an Animal Lover and have one or more Animals.

Be very Open to how you’re receiving Messages. Messages come in many different ways and forms. Almost everything can be a Message, it depends on your Conscious Level and Understanding.

When you think you’re not receiving Divine Guidance, I’d like you take a step back and be in Holy Silence. When you are Still and you focus on the Divine, there is communication happening, pay Attention.

GOD Loves You!


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