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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

When you do anything from external forces, which have been very masculine in nature, you’ll undoubtedly get a wrong direction, answer, result.

To find Truth, the Way and the Life you must come from Within. The Divine Feminine, which is currently the mode of this Beloved Mother Earth is bringing us this Way.

The Divine Feminine is in each of us. We are currently balancing the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. Over the many thousands of years the Divine Masculine has been the external force.

This time around as we move through a 26,000 year cycle the tides of Change are occurring. We are Ascending back into Higher Divine Consciousness through the Divine Heart.

The Divine Feminine speaks to you through your Sacred Heart, your Soul Heart. This is a much softer Energy filled with Love and Compassion. Atlantis was filled with all of this Divine Feminine Heart Energy.

GOD Loves You!


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The Divine Feminine, our Inner Heart …💜

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