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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

We are to remember as Divine Souls, nothing is perfect in this world. There is much darkness here, as we have and continue to witness it.

Focus on your Divinity, Divine Light, Divine Source. Here you will find Peace, Love, Compassion, Union, Grace, Glory. When you seek outside of your Soul Self, you will find disappointment.

Don’t look for others to fulfill your Sacred Heart’s desires. No one can fulfill you like the Divine. You will come to understand this more and more as time goes by.

Reach for your Sacred stars, the ones with your name on them. There is no earthly pleasure here or achievement that goes anywhere. You are Eternal, expansion and growth of your Soul goes with you beyond the veil.

When you look to the Divine for perfection you will find it; it is not earth bound. Pay Attention to your Soul, your Divinity is perfect. GOD, Divine Source created every part of you, most people create something else through illusions.

GOD Loves You!


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Focus on your Divinity …💜

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