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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

Be Independent on this Day as a Divine Soul made by GOD. WE are All here as ONE. We need to Celebrate our ONENESS by Divine Design.

Walking together in Unity with a band of Souls is a wonderful thing. When WE realize our Truth, our Divinity, even more things will shift.

Celebrate your Self today. You are a reflection of the Rainbow Chakra colors. Your Chakras are your Energy centers and each has its own color and region in your Divine vessel.

We are Independent of all the illusions on this Beloved Mother Earth. Celebrate your Unity with the Divine Light and Love in everyone.

Celebrate today. Go Within your Soul and send out Love and Compassion to all those in need today. Let them Feel your Unity so fear, doubt and worry don’t consume them on this Independence Day.

Every Soul can Celebrate today no matter what country they live in. The Independence is of GOD, the Divine, who created You. You are not a product of this Beloved Mother Earth. She has moved her address to Divine Love and Compassion.

Happy 4th of July


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Divine Independence…♥️🤍💙

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