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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

Keep the Divine Presence in the Center of your Consciousness at all times. Make this Divine connection daily and consistent.

When you look at anyone or anything without Divine vision, you are looking through an incorrect lens. This allows your ego to make a judgment of which it can not conceive and is not of the Divine Creator.

As you go through Life you’ll need the Divine for all things. Let the Divine be the Anchor for your Soul, a place to call home when nothing else seems familiar.

Don’t follow your mind for a Divine Connection, it comes through your Divine Sacred Heart. Your mind in most cases is damaged and in need of healing.

The more you connect to the Divine, the more attuned you will be. This Energetic Divine connection becomes magnetic, as it draws you in, attracting your Soul to its natural Divine Presence.

GOD Loves You!


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Look with Divine Vision …💜

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