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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

GOD, Divine Presence is working in you, with you, at ALL times. There is no moment where GOD is not Present. GOD is in every space, every moment, every day.

Even when you feel you are alone in the deepest part of your Journey, GOD, Divine Source is Present. Look for GOD, Divine Source, feel the signals, see the signs.

Just when you feel and maybe when you think things couldn’t possibly turn around, and then they do. Divine Energy has begun to swing into your Every Moment.

You are never left alone. Even if you feel down and out, and out and about, there are Divine forces constantly shifting and adjusting your Soul and Journey.

Free Will/Free Choice can redirect your life in a single moment, if you let it. Open up. Let go. Breathe deep into your Divine Self and Surrender to forces who know and understand your Journey.

GOD Loves You!


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Be in/with Divine Presence…💞

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