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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

It’s important not to just keep your mind on GOD but to Feel GOD. Feel the Divine in your Sacred Presence. Focus there.

When you don’t know what your next move is, sit in the Presence and let it direct you. Feel the Good Vibes coming from GOD, Sour, Universe.

Breathe into your Sacred Moments and Know the Divine GOD is with you. Trust with Faith and Belief that you are being Guided every moment.

Follow your Instincts and gut hunches, they’re never wrong. Go by Divine Guidance no matter what anyone says to you. Your Soul knows better.

Walk in/with Faith and Love. This is your opportunity to surrender and just let go and watch what Sacredly unfolds. Go with that flow, that is instruction by the Divine.

GOD Loves You!


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Breathe into your Sacred Moments …💗

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