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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

Be the Light for somebody’s dark. Help where you can with Positivity and a Grateful Heart. Assist whenever you can and you’ll add Light to the whole of Humanity.

When you step up with your Light, a candle is lit in someone’s Heart. A presence of Hope, Love, Compassion and Understanding fills their Soul.

Helping others when they’re struggling is what you do, step up. Shine your Light best that you can. If they refuse your help, you know you tried.

Humble your Self up if that’s what it takes, to shed some Light for others to see better. There’s no need to force anything, they either accept it or they don’t.

Remember you’re here to Shine your Light for betterment on this Beloved Mother Earth. Every time you do, Humanity moves up in Frequency a notch. Please continue to Shine your Light and raise the Vibration of Humanity.

GOD Loves You!


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