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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

This is the time now where we are All starting to Feel the Calling of something deeper from Within. There’s a stirring Within your Soul that will look to express itself.

Let what’s dwelling from Within to come to the surface. This is why you’re here. Let what needs to come forward come. This expression of you has been waiting centuries for this Shift.

You have been here lifetime after lifetime after lifetime and in all that time, this Shift was known that it was coming. You are here to step into your Soul Light.

Your Body, Mind and Spirit are Shifting into Crystalline Light Consciousness. Despite everything going on, on the outside of you, something much more deep and profound is going on, on the inside of you.

Take the time today to sit with your Self, your Soul and go deeper Within. Be Still and know that Sacred Silence of Divine Presence, GOD is here.

GOD Loves You!


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Sit with the Divine…🙏

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