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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

Where are your Strands of Co-Dependency taking you. Once you Let Go of them, your life will take on a completely different meaning and direction.

You will be led to be completely Dependent on GOD, Divine Source. This is where you will Feel the Greatest Connection to GOD, Divine Source. It will be 1:1.

You are undeniably Connected to GOD, Divine Source, at All times. It’s when YOU walk away that you become empty and lost, while trying to claim false goals.

When you walk away from this Great Divine Connection, you will walk a path of uncertainty. You will be lost unto what tomorrow could possibly bring.

The Great the Connection to GOD, Divine Source, you make, the more certain your life and Path will be. Your Intuition will increase ten fold just on Intention alone. GOD is waiting for you.

GOD Loves You!


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Be completely dependent upon the Divine…💜

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