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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

Today we find our Self in the Energy of a Full Moon in Aquarius at 4:37pm EST. This Energy here will influence your exploration and Inspiration.

We will Collectively seek one another and show up as we are set freely into our unique Individuality. Soul Purpose starts to pull towards you.

This Sun will be at 1 degree Leo, opposite the Aquarius Full Moon. This will bring on the Energy of Enthusiasm and extra Passion.

This Full Moon Energy opens up uncharted territories. You will feel more Awakened and more Alive. You will live in Present Time and you’ll notice that you are.

You’ll start to shift into noticing more of your thoughts without any judgments, without looking at them and have less absorption of them. Don’t go back to the ego “me”, as Aquarius brings it all back to “us”.

GOD Loves You!


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Full Moon Energy in Aquarius…♒️

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