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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

As you begin making more time and Sacred space for the Divine, see how your beginning to fall mire in Love with GOD, Divine Source each and every moment, each and every day.

When you wake up with your Sacred Heart so full of LOVE for GOD, Divine Source, for your Self and for others, you are fulfilling many Sacred moments. Keep this Grace close to your Soul Heart.

Let each day unravel like a breath of fresh air running through your Soul. Breathe in full and deep, hold that Sacred Breath and feel it flow effortlessly through your Divine vessel.

Let every waking moment be filled with GOD, Divine Source, then Joy will well up in your Soul from deep Within. Let it bubble to the surface and send this Joy into the Universe.

Watch internal Joy grow from Within and spread its enthusiasm through the air. Let it land on those in need of extra Light and Love this day. GOD BLESS US ALL!

GOD Loves You!


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Fill your Moments with GOD, Divine Source…💜

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