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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

When in search of anything, look no further than your Soul. Your Soul is your most natural resource, GOD planted right inside of you; it is YOU.

The richness of your Soul will not be discovered if you allow distractions to fill your day. Take a look around your Self to see what’s distracting you.

You need to keep your Self clear and stay focused as much as possible. Try not to get lost in all the distractions surrounding you on the outside.

Once you sit with your Soul and continue to do so, you’ll get used to this feeling and acquire it more. This was as natural as going for a walk in nature, it was the norm.

What is your norm now? Are you meditating? Are you Praying? Are you giving more time to go Within, then to look without? Are you looking to connect with your Guides?

GOD Loves You!


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Have a day being Clear and Focused … 💙

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