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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

Oh my dearest GOD, Divine Source please cleanse my Heart and make it Pure the way you created it. Please help me to remove what is no longer serving me.

GOD, Divine Source, allow my Heart, my Love, to breathe deeply into my Soul. Let this Great Love echo through every Soul I meet and yet to meet.

You came here to Shine your Light during these dark, challenging times. Let us All form in Unity what GOD, Divine Source, has granted us from the very beginning.

We can All Breathe as One like we have done so many times before. It’s always challenging when Energy is Shifting so much, as Mother Earth has never shifted like this before.

GOD, Divine Source, please give us All strength to carry on, to get through these dark nights and dark times. Your Light Shines for us brightly everyday, may we All remember that.

GOD Loves You!


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