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Full Blue Moon today August 22

Of course this is Full Illumination and it’s a Blue Moon because there will be 13 Moons this year instead of the regular 12; this is the second Full Moon this August.

This Full Moon Energy is directing us into discipline with our thoughts, where they are and what they are. Are you projecting Positive thoughts or negative thoughts?

This August Energy is really moving us into Positivity. Leaving the negativity ( thick, dense, less than Love Energy) and all it’s low down outcomes. Breathe Fully into Positive Energy and diffuse ALL your negatives.

You have the ability to Transition your life. Transform your Self. Change and Be the Change so others can witness this. Love, Happiness and Success are promoted this August, especially now during this Full Moon.

We have a huge advantage from the Universe with this Full Moon. It will be bringing forward our hidden emotions and definitely putting a spot Light on our negativity that’s been keeping us held captive from Love, Happiness and Success.

Let this Full Moon work for you. Let it’s brilliance SHINE on your less than Loving Energies so you can Shift into your Soul’s LOVE, TRUTH, Faith, Compassion and Strength.

Lots of Inspiration Will come from ABOVE… Heaven is giving you Divine Energy from there and not here. Take advantage of this NEWNESS. This is a tremendous Opportunity to Change Our, Your, My … Vibration. BE OPEN.

The Cosmos is pushing us for More HAPPINESS, Love, Success … Go For It. Invite this Heavenly Divine Illumination Energy into your Heart. CHOOSE to Live differently. Break out of your old patterns and the density of what’s out there.

GOD Loves You!


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Susan G. Chamberlain,PhD.
Susan G. Chamberlain,PhD.
22 de ago. de 2021

Full Blue Moon POSITIVITY …🌝🌚🌝

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