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Divine Path … Sacred Love …

Oneness Energy is extremely Powerful. It’s actually Divine Energy in Action and it can not and will not be stopped. The Power of Divine Love and Divine Intention, these 2, are the Vibrational Foundation of the Universe.

The momentum of the Energy of Oneness will create a New World. This is happening Now and you can help Shift it even more by Creating Unity and Oneness wherever you are. Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony …

You can say out loud, “ I am Choosing Divine Intention to remove anything no longer serving me with ease and Grace”. Breathe this deep Within and deep Within your Divine Heart.

Realize that when you move old destructive Energy from Within and around you, you are also removing old destructive Energy from Within and around this planet. This is a very Powerful Choice to make, serving Humanity in so many ways; begin to Imagine Goodness.

Breathe in Peace. Breathe in Harmony. Breathe in Joy. Breathe in deep Love. Breathe in Grace. Hold your Divine Breath and let this sink in ….

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Breathe in Peace & Joy … 💜

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