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Divine Path… Sacred Love …

Sacredly Listen to your Path, follow it Holy, Wholly. In Oneness you can increase anything, as the Power of One is Eternal.

All things can and do Change. GOD, Divine Source, knows exactly how to unwind you, send you spinning, so on your return you come back right side up.

Give time to your Soul Journey. Allow calm, Peace and Tranquility to take over your Soul. Sit in nature, let it Guide you. Feel the Oneness.

Hollow out Sacred space. When you make room for GOD, Divine Source, your Angels, your Guides they stand at attention waiting to assist on your next move. You have to meet them at least halfway.

Trust the Divine. Have Faith in your Self, your Path and the Divine. This is a Holy partnership that you’re in, you are not here alone. Thank GOD.

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