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Divine Path… Sacred Love …

Take in a breath of fresh air. Fill your lungs as deep as you can, really contract your diaphragm. Let this Divine air fill your entire Presence.

When you breathe out, relax your diaphragm, just let the fresh air gently move through and out. Keep this up for about 5 minutes, it will make you calm.

Create more space by Breathing in deeper. This extra air will pull things out that are no longer serving you. When you exhale, feel your Breath in the souls of your feet come all the way up and out.

Don’t hesitate to allow more room for your Breath in your Divine vessel. Your Breath is so Healing in nature but most don’t pay attention to it.

Your Breath most certainly can calm you into the Present Moment like no other thing. Even when you feel so crazed, just breathe slowly in and out.

GOD Loves You!


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Your Breath is Sacred …💗

Mi piace

Breathe with the Divine

Mi piace
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