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Divine Path … Sacred Love …

On this day 20 years ago the world took a breath of disbelief, horror, sadness, grief, devastation, collapsing, insurmountable, tragedy, despair, unknown, shock.

9/11… Many people were left wondering and wandering, no matter where they were. This impact left a mark on everyone’s heart and mind. Immoral actions taken against other fellow humans.

9/11… An orchestrated event, took the lives of many. People on every soil of this Beloved Mother Earth felt this wave of terror, shock, run through their system.

9/11… In Numerology it has great significance here. 9 is an ending of life cycles for many things, completion, totality. 11 is a Master Universal number. This event, although extremely horrific, would happen. There is a great significance in these numbers, greater than I could state here.

9/11… Created Global Compassionate Action. The entire Globe was Praying and it didn’t matter which religion, which nationality, which race, which country … Everyone was Praying.

9/11… Prayer has Power. Prayer carries Energy. Prayer has Current. In New York we had no winter that year. It never got cold. It never snowed. I paid attention. So many were searching for others. It was incredibly sad and heroic at the same time.

9/11… This time 20 years ago my family was forever changed. My Beautiful, Beloved Sister Michele Bernadette Chamberlain Lanza never made it home from work that day, just like so many others. Her son would be the most devastated at the age of 7, his Mom never came home. My parents were in shock and just lost beyond belief. As siblings we were speechless. All of our Hearts were shattered. In time we picked up the pieces.

9/11… Brought so many together and so many apart. There was a Spirit in New York that was so Beautiful to witness. Fellow Humans became Humanitarians. We and All of the Globe felt that wave and spread Compassion. Everyone was in Compassionate Action, including Mother Earth. There was an Understanding in the Heart that it’s time to Love each other, time to Hug each other, time to spend time with each other. We All felt it and We All can Feel it again.


Thank you for being on my Journey.

We Love you so much Michele and we Miss You everyday. You were a Heavenly gift to our family and a joy to be around. You were such a good hearted person and would lend a helping hand whenever asked. You truly are an Angel.

I am extremely grateful for the Spiritual bond we share on both sides of the veil; that extends to my parents as well. Michele, there has been no day gone by that we wanted to share something with you or call you or just stop by. We feel the space where we know your Soul has grown and carried on in Good Faith with GOD. You were such a social butterfly and you left in a Community of Angels.

Until we meet again, tell Mom and Dad we Love them too.

♥️The Chamberlain, Oricchio, Lanza, Arnone Families♥️

GOD Loves You!


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We Love you Michele, our Angel … 💜🕊💜

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