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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

Remember You are Worthy. Remember You are made by GOD, Divine Source. Remember You are Created with Divine Love, Divine Light; there is nothing Higher.

Go along with your Divinity. Your Divine Path is your only Path, all other paths stem from here. Acknowledging your Divinity will be key in moving forward.

You’re not running from your ego source, false sense of Self at all. Your Divinity is your Reality. Your Strength, Your Structure is completely GOD, Divine Source.

Look for no one or nothing else to support You, only GOD, Divine Source. The quicker You learn that, the better off you’ll be.

Each day upon Awakening tap your Heart, your Soul Heart, your Sacred Heart. Breathe deep into this Divine connection. Say, “Thank You” and go from there.

GOD Loves You!


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Your Divinity is your Reality💜

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