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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

When you Live and make Choices from your Heart, you will Love the outcomes you receive. Your Heart will continue to flourish with Joy.

If you choose to come from anything less than Love with your Choices, you will suffer those consequences. When you Choose dark, you will get dark.

Go about your business, your day, with Love in your Heart and Light in your Soul. This type of Vibration draws to it more of the same.

If you’re looking for different outcomes, you have to make different Choices. You are seeing the end results now of Choices you made a year ago.

It’s best Now to start learning to Choose from Love and no other Vibration. You will simply Love your results and you’ll start pinching your Self the more you see this in Love and Light in Action.

GOD Loves You!


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Choose to live from LOVE …♥️

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