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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

Allow the Ancient Wisdom buried deep Within to surface. Each time we receive an Energy surge and other times of Transition, your Ancient Wisdom surfaces more.

Stand back, Be patient, as the Ascension Process continues to move forward. You are moving forward with it as well, some of you feel as if you’re not or not everyone is - they are.

We are breaking a long held bondage on Beloved Mother Earth. The Energy is moving forward every single day.

We will not be going back, backwards or returning to anything of the old world Energy. Hence the term Ascension meaning to rise up.

Shine your Light. Open your Heart to receive all that is your Divine Soul Heritage, Ancient Wisdom accumulated throughout your Lifetimes of Mastery, of Living, of just Being. It all belongs to you.

GOD Loves You!


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Shine your Light …💛

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