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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

All Souls Day is celebrated today. This is the celebration of all the Faithful Departed Souls or the Day of the Dead.

This is the third day in the trilogy of AllHallowTide, after All Saints Day and All Hallows’ Eve. This day honors any and all departed Souls.

This is a day of Prayer and Remembrance for the Souls who have died. Many often bring flowers and light candles at gravesites where prayers are said.

Remember to honor all of your ancestors at this time. This a a big transition from the time they spent here on this Beloved Mother Earth. This is a time that will go down in history.

Remember you are in Oneness with all those who are here and were here. This Day reflects them as Souls who were Present on Earth. Say a Prayer.

GOD Loves You!


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All Souls Day … 💙🙏💙

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