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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

Feel the Essence of your Soul. Feel the Essence of your Vibration. Close your eyes. Feel this Magnificence. Just Be here as long as you can.

Imagine what is what like when you were Created by the Creator, GOD, Divine Source. Imagine how all of your Essence became You.

Embrace your Divine Grace. Love your Self enough to notice your eloquence as a Divine Being, a Divine Soul. You are Created with Magnificence.

Feel the Sparkle in your Soul, the Light that emanates from Within. What Magic arises in you each and every day? You wake up, you’re breathing Divine air, you hear sounds, your heart is beating, your eyes are opening, your legs and arms are present …

Begin to know who You are. Begin to know how Grateful You are. Take notice of your Soul and begin to acknowledge its Presence. You have always been a Soul, your ego is temporary.

GOD Loves You!


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Feel the Sparkle in your Soul … ✨✨✨

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