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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

Remember all your plans may not be GOD’S, Divine Source’s, plan for you. When your plans fall through its really Saving Grace.

In moments when we feel, how could that happen to me in despair, look for your Divine Light. This Energy will Shift. You have Power over it.

Remember your Soul Strength, Resilience and Power, All are Divine Energy. Your Free Will and Choice can Shift anything. Use your Power.

GOD, Divine Source, Higher Power is your elite Soul Power, use it. GOD, Divine Source, has a map all ready made for you. Follow your Soul, gut Instincts all the time.

When things fall into Alignment, they’re meant for your Soul. Sometimes when you struggle, you may be heading in the wrong direction.

GOD Loves You!


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Remember your Soul strength, resilience and power …💜

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