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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

Thanksgiving is an All year round occurrence for those in the know of the Universal Laws. Give Thanks at All times.

When WE Celebrate this Thanksgiving Day, really take notice of what you’re Thankful for. Then Thank the Universe, GOD, Divine Source.

When you live in Thankful Abundance, meaning Thankful for what you presently have, your life and world will Shift. Live in the Oneness of All Abundance.

”Love one another as I have Loved you” … Open your Sacred Heart to GOD, your Self and others. This is a Day of Giving from the Heart. This Heartfelt Giving is really an everyday occurrence, if not, make it one. Love is here to stay.

Be with Family, be with friends, be with Loved ones. Haven’t you noticed how much more LOVE there is in the atmosphere… can you feel it? I most certainly can.

Be Love and that’s what will come back to you. The Energy is so much more Powerful these days, I’m sure you noticed by now …

Celebrate the good times. Give hugs and kisses to those close to you. Be Grateful, Be Thankful every moment, for every moment is a Moment in Time well spent.

Give extra Thanks this year for those who are presently around. Give Thanks to those who have gone on as well.

🍁🧡Happy Thanksgiving🧡🍁

GOD Loves You!


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