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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

Your Sacredness is found in your Heart, it’s the doorway in. It’s here in this place where you feed your Soul and Spirit.

Your Soul is with you every lifetime and it has lived many lifetimes. We have lived here many times, while also living in other galaxies; it’s part of being Spiritual.

Your Soul, you may say, is your Galactical piece. It connects to Divine Energy at All times, it connects to your Guardian Angel, it connects to your Guides, it connects to our Earth Mother.

Your Soul attracts Spiritual assistance when needed. Your Guardian Angel is forever at your side and other Light Beings show up as well.

Be open to the glow of Energy moving through this planet. Each day a Higher Frequency is obtained than the day before.

GOD Loves You!


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Susan G. Chamberlain,PhD.
Susan G. Chamberlain,PhD.
28 de nov. de 2021

Your Soul attracts Spiritual assistance when needed…💜

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