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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

Know who your humans are, know who your Light Beings are. Be ‘YOU’ with your Humans and they’ll begin to See the Light.

When you surrender to your Soul, a Light goes on and just continues to get brighter. Your Heart becomes a warm compassionate glow.

If you fall under your ego, you will search for all things outside of your Self. The problem with that is, our Earth Mother is moving to higher dimensions where the ego can not survive.

Your Heart will let you feel many things. Your Heart will guide you where the Divine is. Your Heart will show you what’s important.

Letting go of what used to be is a Transitioning Process. Some of us can move with the flow. Some of us maybe readjusting and taking it a bit slower but the Universe is going to keep moving at its own pace; whether you’re on board or not.

GOD Loves You!


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