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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

Full Cold Moon in Gemini 11:36pm(12/18). Last one and long one of 2021. Letting go of the past and bringing in what’s coming up for you.

We set intentions to grow, to heal, and to connect during Full Moons. Lots of Messages and Communication coming in.

An Awareness comes to where we need to adjust our Self. Soul fragments coming back. Paradigms are shifting. Emotional Love and support coming in. Relationships coming together, plus an Inner Unity balance of Divine Masculine and Feminine in relationship to our Self.

Lots of Illumination here. Connect to your Soul Purpose. Do a Meditation or a ritual to welcome this Full Moon. Feminine Spiritual dedication. Make sure to get into nature as well, to ground your Self in this airy Energy.

There is nothing left to fear now. Bring your Soul in Light and Love, and move forward. A lot has been healed now. Moving past the shadow aspects and moving toward Self Worthiness.

Self Mastery. Self Worth. Self Esteem. Strong emergence of the Divine Feminine now. Worthiness and Abilities strengthen. Authenticity is pulling you in. Take more risks now …

GOD Loves You!


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