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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

Winter Solstice Energy of 12/21/21. It’s a time of magic - longest night of the year - dark and confusing, misplaced and not forgotten your Soul has memory.

There are opportunities in every experience, we are not limited. Stand in your Soul Power and step out of the matrix that doesn’t resonate with you. Rebellion is happening for oldness and stuck energy.

Conflict is coming even greater, as your Soul leads your way. You will have a hard time trying to stay the same. The Soul is moving forward.

Lumination of your Soul is happening. Your Soul is getting stronger in your field and Presence. You are relating to it more and more on many levels.

You will not be able to go back to your old Self, the Energy will not allow it. You’ll have no recall of the old you. This is a time of going Within the Sanctuary of your Divine Self Soul.

Be Present for You. You have Universal Energy constantly working, use it and tap into your Soul Wisdom and Divinity. GOD, Divine Source is Present. Take your own steps and Trust your Truth and gut with Divine Faith.

GOD Loves You!


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