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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

Thank the Divine everyday for shining LOVE on your Heart and expressing that Love through your life experiences.

We have a Choice to show up Delightedly Joyful or Sorrowfully Depressed. Depression is just you depressing your Light and not finding the Joy from Within.

Everyday thank GOD, Divine Source, for the Light in your Soul and the Love in your Heart. These two go together, hand in hand with Divine Grace.

If others around you can not find Joy from Within, guide them to Betterment. Let them see there is Love and Grace that carries them forward, Hope is in every Heart.

Walk in Loving Trust of your Soul Journey, always turn to the Positive Light Energy to get the best outcomes. With expectation in Intentional Positive acts, the sun always comes out tomorrow.

’2222 Angel Numbers of High Celestial Light’

GOD Loves You!


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