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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

Remember this Christmas Eve, that You are standing on Holy Ground. You have been your whole life but you never took notice.

When you walk your Journey steeped in the conditioned, learned, repeated patterns, this is all you know. There is something more and Christ Consciousness made it known here.

Walk this Holy Day Knowing you’re walking on Holy Ground. Walk this Day ‘the Way’ Yeshua, Jesus, did for His Divine 33 years Present, here on Beloved Mother Earth.

Walk this Day Knowing, that the Christ Light that was seen both near and far, is in You. That Christ Light, is Christ Consciousness ever Present, reminding You of your Divinity.

Today is the precursor to the emphasis on the Christ Light Within. There is Oneness in the Christ Light, as it’s in every Soul on this Beloved Mother Earth. Every Soul, irregardless of how it shows up on Mother Earth, has the Christ Light in them; it’s not a religion.

🕯Merry Christmas Eve!🔔


GOD Loves You!


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