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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

Be with GOD, Divine Source, to ‘BE’ With GOD, Divine Source. Don’t just say you have to be with GOD, Divine Source.

Saying, Doing and Being with GOD, Divine Source, is three different things. One just speaks empty words. One may be over Doing. Being ONE with GOD, Divine Source, is Holy Silence and Stillness.

When you Surrender unto GOD, Divine Source, you have to let everything go that inhibits this Union. Distractions are everywhere now on the Earth Mother.

When you get out of the way for GOD’S Divine plan to work and you let go of ‘the way’ you think or feel it should be, GOD can actually work with you now.

Let go of your smallness and let GOD’S, Divine Sources’, plan take over. When you stop telling GOD, Divine Source, your way; it will be dismantled and made with Divine Love, Peace and Joy.

GOD Loves You!


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Let Go of your smallness…💓


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