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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

Celestial Love and Light here this Divine Day. 2021 was Massive Purging of many energies. Go as Light filled as possible into 2022. You know this. You got this.

Follow your Grace: 1/1 a Divine Master Number Channel. 2022 filled with Celestial Light. Massive Divine Influences and Inspirations here for All. 2022… ‘22’ is GOD’S Energy in the material realm and put into form.

You’ve faced many challenges last year, some very extreme, and YES, the Divine is here. Your Guides, Angels, Teachers and the Divine are working with you through all of this Shift.

Be Grateful for the many challenges you did have, they bring you to a deeper Understanding, a deeper Truth. The Divine must get a hold of you somehow.

You are walking into this New Year, in a totally higher Vibration of your Soul Expression and Truth. Every part of you, has been affected and influenced by your Higher Self, your Soul.

You are totally supported by the Divine, by your Angels, by your Guides, by Ascended Masters. Know, Trust, Believe and Understand this Truth more and more each and everyday.

Remember to find the Still, Quiet Voice of your Soul. Holy Listen to your Intuitive Heart! Pray and Meditate more, connect with your Divinity.

💜Happy, Healthy New Year!🎉

GOD Loves You!


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