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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

Realize you’re in Divine Presence every moment of every day and night. GOD, Divine Source, does not leave you ever.

Realize you are the Living Breath of GOD. Every second of the day you’re spending with the Divine, “Trust in Me” , says GOD, “TRUST IN ME!”

Everyday wake up and breathe deep and full in the Holy, Divine Breathe of GOD and say, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! You are here because of GOD, Divine Source.

While you are here and even when you cross over, GOD, Divine Source is Present and with You eternally. Realize this, You are safe.

GOD, Divine Source watches over each and everyone of us. GOD, Divine Source is Omnipresent. You are cared for and Loved, start to act like it. Feel the Presence of the Divine.

GOD Loves You!


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Realize you’re the Living Breath of GOD…💗

Gefällt mir

GOD, Divine Source is Omnipresent

Gefällt mir
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