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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

Full Moon in Leo this February 16 has been a certain 12 degree and 27 degree patterns. The Spring Equinox will change these patterns.

The Healed, Illuminated, Enlightened Human is coming alive. Healing the Authentic Presence, the Authentic Self, the Illuminated Ascended Self.

Deep acknowledgment of your Soul. Your Divine Consciousness is becoming embodied into your flesh. Many ancestral lines are Healing and will be Healed as we move forward.

Leo is Self Expression, Empowerment Energy around the Authentic Self is happening now. The Energy of your Soul Identity expresses now. Authenticity is Spirit in form. Recognize your Soul Power.

You can not hide anymore. Being seen as your Soul Embodied Authentic Self is a big deal and is opening up. Our Higher Self, Divine Self Gateway is opening for human embodiment. Spiritual Identity moves forward. Visibility and Success. Shine in your Truth.

Celestial Presence is coming into view now. Awakening Moments are happening for many now. Light Worker’s know this and much growth has occurred. Many patterns have ended through the family line.

Be in a ‘receptive state’ and not a ‘doing state’. You may have been in a more relaxed way these last few weeks. Leo Inner Light, Self Love reflection. Self Care is essential. We will let go emotionally and become more Authentic.

Divine Feminine Intuitive direction. Alignment with your own Self Worthiness. Self Love and Compassion. Masculine Energy takes action. Inner Alignment feels like Peace. No more room for Self doubt. Embodied Angelic Human coming into form. You are supported by Heaven. Dissolving barriers so our Authentic Self can be seen.

GOD Loves You!


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