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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

Pisces New Moon 3/2/2022. Be more focused and integrated into the Self that you’ve become. You’ll be making more Authentic Choices with your Soul.

Have Reflections in Gratitude for who you are. Embrace and acknowledge the Spiritual Energy you embody. You will Feel and are Feeling so much more. New Beginnings are happening.

You’re Experiences are more profound than most. You’re in Soul Groups and Communities that match your Experiences and Energies.

Don’t bring doubt energy to anything you're doing. Doubt energy comes in when you’re Feeling you don’t know what way you’re Guidance is bringing you. Move with Confidence in what you do.

You will be shown the way forward, have Courage in your Self. Confusion and Doubt come in through the ego. Trust the Divine. Being Authentic is going to Shift you.

We must be Authentic, Shining our Light, speaking and Being our Soul Truth. You’ve come a long way now and the Journey continues in your Awakened State.

Another Spiritual Awakening is Happening now. New Energy, New Beginnings. Pray and Meditate more to allow for more Divine Guidance. Devotion must continue.

Keep your Feminine flow moving, meaning, follow your Intuitive Guidance. Don’t try and shut down your Feminine side, it’s not going to let you ignore it anymore.

GOD Loves You!


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