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Divine Path… Sacred Love…

Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio 12:15AM EST May 16 and 9:15PM PDT May 15. Your shadow will be shown to you. All your work will pay off.

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is in the window of 2 Eclipses loaded with spectacular accelerator Energy of May. Whatever was holding you back will be cleansed with this Eclipse Energy.

Eclipses reveal the Shadow of what’s been hiding and what you’ve been hiding. You’ll be able to alchemize your Self and shine again.

A lot of emotion will be coming up increasing your sensitivities, so be gentle with your Self. Express what you need without holding it back.

So anything that’s coming up and you’re feeling it, is absolutely wonderful. You will release it all so be Kind and Patient with your Self. It’s RELEASING now.

Truth is being revealed, Truth is coming up. Your Truth from Within is going to make you more Responsible, Restrictive and Orderly. Your Heart will be Activated and come to Life in you and your work.

GOD Loves You!


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